A 1:1 Power Hour Is Your Express Ticket To The Answers You Need NOW.

Trying to figure out why (and where) your launch or evergreen funnel isn't turning browsers into buyers can be a pain.

Is it...

The ad?

The landing page?

The offer?

The sales page?

That bottle of blue tequila you shotgunned last night?

Truth is, there are a LOT of places your funnel can derail, and if you don't know where to look, it can be like a frustrating game of "Where's Waldo".

A Power Hour will help you kiss flatlined results buh-bye, and transform your funnel from failing to phenomenal.


If you’re convinced that the digital product you’re selling has killer potential but you’re stuck on the time-sucking, money-wasting launch hamster wheel of doom, then I can help.


A Power Hour will get the eyeballs of an experienced conversion copywriter (me!) on your funnel from start-to-finish and uncover why your funnel isn't working, so you can stop messing around and start making the cash you're cravin'.


A rapidfire profit-boosting Power Hour is perfect to handle things like:

☑️ Troubleshooting an existing launch or evergreen funnel

☑️ Brainstorming your next opt-in

☑️ Rewriting opt-in page copy (or ONE problematic section of your sales page)

☑️ Critiquing an email sequence to improve conversions

☑️ Mapping your launch funnel

...and more.

What you get:

--> 60 minutes of you n’ me time on Zoom to put the smackdown on the funnel headache you’re currently dealing with (note: I do not help with tech or set-up of your sales funnel or ads)

--> The call recording (so you can watch again at 1.5x speed - or faster!)

--> Next steps and/or execution notes (‘cuz it’s when you put things into action where the magic happens)

--> Live rewrites as permitted for the most problematic section(s) of your funnel to boost conversions

--> Access to my personal resource vault of templates, frameworks, swipe files and cheat sheets

A Power Hour is like having your very own conversion and funnel expert on speed dial;)


NOTE: I only set aside TEN Power Hour spots each month. Save yours now!

  • “Holy crap! We made changes to Maggie’s landing page based on your recommendations and her opt-in rate is up to 81% and the cost per lead is down by almost 50%. YOU ROCK!!!!”

    CEO + Founder, Social Lab Marketing

  • “This was perfect! I was able to quickly and easily make the revisions needed once I had your expert feedback and a detailed walkthrough of what to change and – most of all – why.”

    Blogging Expert & Health Writer,

  • “Seeing things through your eyes is invaluable, Lisa-May – this is a fantastic service.

    Can’t wait to tear up the old copy and make it 1000x better!”



A Power Hour is a start-to-finish, soup-to-nuts review and critique of your launch or evergreen funnel items focused entirely on improving conversions…

…And getting you quick results with the help of an experienced professional.

✖️ No waiting for weeks (or months)…

✖️ No messing around with calendar conflicts…

✖️ No filling out mile-long forms…

✖️ No giant investment of time or money…

Just help uncovering EXACTLY what needs to change NOW to start seeing the results you want.