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ep#008: Creating Content That Converts with Linda Enoh

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I'll admit that creating content isn't exactly my fave thing to do, especially for social media. It always feels like a lot of work for very little return, especially with all the noise in today's newsfeed. I mean, what's the point of creating all this content if it doesn't actually inspire someone to take action?

If you can relate, then this week's episode is for YOU!

My guest this week on the Creating I.M.P.A.C.T Show is professor-turned-content-genius Dr. Linda Enoh. And this Doc knows how...

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Ep #007: Explode Your Sales Using Social Media With Coach Cassie Howard

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This week I'm jamming with Badass Business Coach Cassie Howard on how you can up your sales game.

Cassie's been rocking Instagram lately, and has created an amazing system for making sales on social media.

In this episode, you'll hear...

  • How to make social media really work for you
  • The importance of showing up consistently...make-up or not
  • Why you can't pretend to be someone or something you're not

...and more.

Click the image to Listen to this jam-packed podcast-style episode now!


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Ep #006: Maverick Mindset Mastery with Shari Teigman


What does it mean to unleash your inner Maverick for life and biz mastery? And how the hell do you magnetize people just by being “more you”?

In this episode of the Creating IMPACT show, I’m jamming with Shari Teigman, a small but mighty performance coach and creative strategist who’s here to answer those questions and more.

You'll learn Shari's take on:

The #1 biggest mistake online entrepreneurs make today with their message, and how to make sure you don't blend in


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