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5 Rock-Solid Reasons No One’s Buying

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Recently overheard in one of those giant Facebook groups with thousands of members:

“Help! I’m great at building my list...but no one’s buying 

Maybe you can relate?

First up, you need to know that this is actually a pretty common affliction - you are NOT alone! 

And secondly, no...this is NOT another post about writing subject lines.

During the last 13+ years as a conversion copywriter and working with hundreds of online entrepreneurs, I’ve come to...

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This Misguided Advice Is Costing You Money 😱

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The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make when pricing their digital course is thinking they should “charge what they’re worth” or what they think the course is worth.

And I get it - every business coach you’ve ever come across tells you to “charge what you’re worth”. It’s everywhere. So it’s easy to fall into that trap.

But let me ask you: How do you KNOW what you’re actually worth? How do you KNOW what the course you’re...

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Service Providers: How To Present Your Work Like A Pro

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I received an email from a client of mine, who is a Facebook™ Ads Manager.

Seems she and a colleague of hers have a couple of clients who’s ads are ballin’...but their offers aren’t.

Problem is...she's not exactly sure how to tell her client that her offer basically sucks.

Look...we all know that the direct approach is always best when it comes to effective communication (ie. having our message heard AND understood). 

In copywriting, it’s one of the ultimate...

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“Follow Your Passion” is TERRIBLE Advice [Do THIS Instead!]

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The biggest problem most struggling entrepreneurs make when it comes to creating and launching digital courses is thinking that they can make money from their passion or things they love doing.

And I get it, . Everyone tells you to “just follow your passion and the money will come”. So It’s easy to fall into that trap.

But let me ask you:

Does everyone who follows their passion, creates and launches a course around make a huge profit? 

Nope...and following that advice...

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Why 1:1 Work Is KILLING Your Business

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One of the biggest mistakes most coaches and service providers make is thinking offering high-ticket 1:1 programs or done-for-you services is the fastest path to profits.

And I totally get it. Everyone tells you that selling high-ticket coaching programs or custom, done-for-you services like web design, Facebook ads or copywriting is the easiest road to follow because you have to sell fewer packages to hit 4, 5- or even 6-figures in revenue every month than say, a lower-priced digital course....

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My "Hack Your Online Business" Podcast Interview

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I had the pleasure of jamming with Chrys Tan, host of the Hack Your Online Business podcast awhile ago, all about how your copy can make (or break) your digital course launch.

'Cuz if you've ever tried launching a digital course but only got crickets, then your copy is one of the logical places to put under the microscope.

So...where do you start? 

We cover all of that and WAY more in the podcast! Listen now over at

We'll be covering...

  • How I got started...

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