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I’m looking for a few more “dream partners” who are ready to create and launch their digital course and explode their impact.

Is it YOU?

I’m looking for my next 3, kick-butt partners to personally create and launch their digital course in less than 30 days so they can quickly scale their business and revenue.

If you know your skills and expertise have the potential to impact thousands of lives but you’re unsure exactly what your course should include and don’t want to waste time on launching something no one buys, click the button below to fill out an application and book a call so I can determine if my “Fast Track” service is a good fit for you.

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Serial Entrepreneur + Maverick Scientist

“Thank you so much! I can't WAIT to get my course out there!”

Facebook Ads Manager + Registered Dietician

If you’re an online coach or service provider who’s currently serving clients on a one-on-one basis and want to grow and scale your business with a digital course…

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...but simply don’t know where to start or have the time or desire to grind out content and copy, taking months to launch a course that may or may not actually earn money…

...Then I’m looking for YOU.

I’ll personally help you build and launch your own online course - and validate your idea so you never have to wonder if it will actually work - so you can begin monetizing your expertise in just 30 days, using the same proven methods I’ve used to do a $635k launch with A-List marketer Scott Oldford, and help hundreds of other coaches and service providers over the last 13+ years.

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Who Is This Chick?

I’m Lisa-May, veteran online marketer, launch strategist and success coach specializing in launch strategy, funnels and conversion, whose goal is to help skilled online coaches and service providers scale beyond 1:1 work and triumph with digital courses FAST.

What Clients Are Saying...

“Holy crap! We optimized based on your recommendations and the opt-in rate is up to 81% and the cost per lead is down by almost 50%.

Facebook Ads Expert + Founder of Social Lab Marketing

“I don't know what her secret is, but Lisa-May is the complete package, and the secret weapon I love to have in my back pocket!”

Online Business Mentor, Mindset Expert & Bestselling Author

“Lisa-May created a digital asset for me that I’ll be able to leverage in multiple situations for years to come.”

President, Sum Of All Numbers

Next Level Launch is your unfair advantage that expedites the entire course creation process and removes the scariest parts of launching…

"What will my course be about, and will people actually want it?"

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