A "Day Date" Is Your Express-Ticket To Sold-Out Launches, Jam-Packed Webinars and Exploding Your Email List

...without waiting for weeks and investing a sh*t-ton of moolah.


If you’re convinced that the digital product you’re selling has killer potential but you’re stuck on the time-sucking, money-wasting launch hamster wheel of doom, then I can help.


A Day Date is perfect for Online coaches, course creators or service providers who want help YESTERDAY...not 6 weeks from now.


When you book a Day Date, you get some super-cool fringe benefits, like...


...pursuing your other passions in life, creating new digital products to sell, hanging with your BFF IRL.

When you’re not constantly trying to figure out how to deploy your funnel or why your opt-in isn’t converting or how to write the dreaded sales page, you’ll be free to get on with other things you WANT to be doing.


Sales page not selling? Funnel not converting?

All those launch emails gotcha day-drinkin’?

Launch pushed back...AGAIN?

Your Day Date with me will change all that...and more.

  • Lisa-May Huby

    “Holy crap! We made changes to Maggie’s landing page based on your recommendations and her opt-in rate is up to 81% and the cost per lead is down by almost 50%. YOU ROCK!!!!”

    CEO + Founder, Social Lab Marketing

  • Lisa-May Huby

    “I was constantly wrestling with a client's funnel and couldn't put my finger on why it wasn't converting.
    Lisa-May helped me see what elements were failing, why, and - more importantly - exactly what needed to change so I could fix them.”

    CEO, Victory Points Social

  • Lisa-May Huby

    “This was perfect! I was able to quickly and easily make the revisions needed once I had your expert feedback and a detailed walkthrough of what to change and – most of all – why.”

    Blogging Expert & Health Writer, LeesaKlich.com

So...what can we do on our Day Date?

Here's a taste of what most people book a Day Date for:

☑️ Optimize your sales page, rewriting the most troublesome areas

☑️ Create your start-to-finish launch strategy + blueprint

☑️ Work on your sales funnel to attract more perfect clients

☑️ Tweak your funnel emails to improve conversions

☑️  Create your list-building strategy to magically attract the perrrrrfect leads and clients

...and more (ohh, the possibilities!).


What's Included:

--> 1 hour of you n’ me time on Zoom to kick off our Day Date

--> 1 hour(ish) of research and preparation

--> About 3 hours of solid, no interruptions working/writing time

--> A wrap-up call at the end of the day so you know exactly what your next steps are and how to easily execute ‘em

A Day Date is like having your very own conversion and funnel expert on speed dial, when you want answers YESTERDAY.


Investment: $3,000 $2,397


NOTE: I only set aside a limited number of Day Date spots each month. Book yours now to avoid disappointment.

When you click the button below, you'll be directed to the payment processor. Once your payment is confirmed, you'll be directed to my calendar to schedule our Day Date!

  • Lisa-May Huby

    “From my client’s pain and struggles to my quirky personality, the copy was just what I wanted…but couldn’t write myself.

    I was BLOWN AWAY with Lisa-May's work!”

    Creator, The Profit First Bootcamp

  • Lisa-May Huby

    “A killer sales page powered by Lisa-May's conversion copywriting helped us nail a $623k launch!”

    Creator, LeadCraft

Two GIANT Reasons You’ll ❤️️ Booking A Day Date With Me...


You get what you need FASTER.

Most businesses (even 7-figure ones) don’t want to wait weeks just to get on a conversion expert’s calendar. You want what you want...yesterday.

A Day Date will get you on my calendar lickety-split and get you what you need PRONTO.


It’s WAY cheaper than hiring me for a full project.

Don’t want to invest 5-figures for a sales page or launch funnel right now? No problemo! 

A Day Date is a super affordable option that will get you amazing results...without a minimum commitment or high price tag.


✔️ You could get the expert help you need, FAST...without endless revisions, weeks of waiting and mortgaging your house to hire them

✔️ You could confidently launch your digital course with a solid, super-smart strategy + blueprint

✔️ You had a sales funnel that explodes your list and brings in those sweet dolla-dolla bills 24/7 

✔️ You filled your webinars to standing-room only

✔️ You had a solid list-building strategy in place to sell out your launches on the regular

That's what you'll be able to achieve with a Day Date.

👇 Buy a Day Date with me now 👇


Things That Made You Go "Hmm"...

What the heck is a Day Date?

A Day Date is your express ticket to getting the help you need FAST with:

  • A sales page that's not converting
  • A launch funnel that isn't working
  • Creating an amazeballs digital course launch strategy
  • Turning clicks into clients with your sales funnel

...and more. In RECORD time. 

No waiting for weeks. No shelling out a ginormous amount of money.

How much time will I actually get?

Well, that will depend on the project we're working on, but I dedicate up to 6 hours to Day Dates.

You'll get a 1-hour kick-off call, plus I'll spend up to an hour doing research and preparing to work on your project.

From there you'll get up to 3 hours of writing/working time.

We'll wind up our Date with a wrap-up call to review what your next steps will be and/or outstanding items.

How does it work?

Click the big blue button above to make your payment. Once that's processed and confirmed, you'll be rocketed over to the thank you page where you'll be able to schedule your Day Date.

Since this is a FULL DAY of my time, our kick-off session will start at 9 am Eastern, SHARP, so make sure you've got all your stuff ready.

(Sorry West Coasters, you'll have to grab a cup of coffee for this one!)

Will there be revisions? What happens if you don't finish?

The nature of the Day Date service does not permit multiple rounds of revisions, because I'll be tweaking and optimizing the copy you've already written to improve your results.

If I am unable to complete all the changes required within the Day Date timeframe, you'll have the option to implement or execute the changes on your own or purchase additional time at a significantly reduced hourly rate.

Can I use this for help with building my list?

Abso-freakin'-lutely! We'll start with brainstorming your new lead-generating Client Magnet (a.k.a., your freebie) and outlining your welcome sequence funnel.

From there, I'll write your landing page, thank you page AND 2 different versions of ad copy. PLUS, you'll snag my sweet Welcome Series Swipe File to write your perfect nurture sequence + my Client Magnet template so you can get to work creating your own list-exploding freebie!

(Please note: This is for a plain ol' welcome funnel, and cannot be used to create a sales funnel.)

Still have a question? Hit me up over at lisamay [at] lisamayhuby [dot] com