Ep #006: Maverick Mindset Mastery with Shari Teigman


What does it mean to unleash your inner Maverick for life and biz mastery? And how the hell do you magnetize people just by being “more you”?

In this episode of the Creating IMPACT show, I’m jamming with Shari Teigman, a small but mighty performance coach and creative strategist who’s here to answer those questions and more.

You'll learn Shari's take on:

The #1 biggest mistake online entrepreneurs make today with their message, and how to make sure you don't blend in


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Ep #001: Are You REALLY "Too Old"?!

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One of the biggest false truths we tell ourselves as women is “I’m too old”. 

And I get it. I mean, How many times have you heard that? 

From your mom. Your grandmother. Your aunt. A neighbour. Some random chick at the gym. Even society as a whole.

I’m too old to lose weight.

I’m too old to worry about eating healthy

I’m too old to lift weights or exercise

I’m too old to dress like that

I’m too old to start a business

I’m too old...

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