The "Trick" To Sold-Out Offers

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If you've been in business for any length of time, you've probably done some work around uncovering your ideal client, aka, your ICA (ideal client avatar).

And if you're brand-spankin' new, then this is pretty much the very first thing to focus on BEFORE getting hung up on all the other stuff that's so easy to go down the rabbit hole with, like your website, Facebook page, social media content, and so on.

Understanding who you a) want to work with and b) how you want to serve them are the...

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2 Rules For Irresistible Offers

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Would you love more sales? (ummYES please!)

If you’ve been in biz for awhile, then you’ve probably had a launch that didn’t go so well, and if you’ve ever created a program or offer that got crickets, then this post is for YOU!

Because I’m sharing the 2 rules for creating drool-worthy offers with sell-out potential.

Watch this week's video now to discover:

The 3 REAL reasons your offers aren't selling

How to get eyeballs on your offers in the first place


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Episode #8: 2 Secret Ingredients of Copy That Stands Out

You’ve probably been told to use your reader’s “pain points” or paint the picture of their “better life”.

What this means of course, is that you probably went back to where your reader hangs out and copied a bunch of their language, and then proceeded to talk all about how things will be beeeautiful when they’re done working with you or using your product.

Problem is, if that’s your approach, you’re only getting it half right.

Something I hear all the time from people wrestling with a sales page...

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Episode #7: 5 Ways to Write Magical, Magnetic Bullets That Sell

In the last episode, I shared how to write the best attention-grabbing headlines, and why it’s worth the time and effort to to the extra mile (which almost NO ONE does) to make sure yours is as good as it can be.

This week, we’re tackling another element of your sales page that gets almost NO LOVE at all (I’ll tell you what it is in just a sec).

Truth is, so little attention is paid to this section of sales pages, I’ve dubbed it the “Crazy Cat Lady” of the sales page, because it seems that no...

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Episode #6 | Sales Pages: How To Write Scroll-Stopping Headlines

Ever come across a web page that made you drop everything like its hot and read it?

That^^ is the beauty of a great headline. And the fact that you stopped whatever scrolling, skimming or stalking you were doing to pay attention to it means that the writer nailed it.

The headline performed perfectly and fulfilled its purpose.

Sadly, people don’t spend enough time on their headlines (copywriters included!). Which is weird, since it’s what makes people pay attention to YOU and want to learn...

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Episode #5: The Easiest Sales Page Framework That Converts

Last week’s #UnstoppableBiz Show kicked off a series of episodes all about Sales Pages.

Every online business owner needs a sales page (and yes...even if you’ve got a brick-and-mortar business you should have one!)...problem is, most don't have a clue when it comes to creating one.

Which means their results suck.

If you're selling digital courses, coaching programs or creative services, or plan on creating a funnel to help you create more passive income, having a sales page that works for you...

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7 Bankable Emails For Your Next Launch

Ahhh, launches.

After being an integral part in dozens of launches, writing the copy and mapping out the strategy, I’ve pretty much nailed down what emails every launch needs.

In this episode of the #UnstoppableBiz Show, I’m dishing on 7 of the most bankable emails every successful launch includes.

I’m breaking down:
  • Emails you need in the pre-launch phase, during launch week, plus the most overlooked phase of
If you’re wondering exactly what emails to include in your...

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5 Great Reasons Why Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Working (And How To Fix It)

If you’ve been head-desking your way through trying to get your sales funnel to actually, y’know, SELL, then stay with me.

Because if your sales funnel isn’t working, chances are good that you’re making at least one of the mistakes I’m breaking down here.


As someone who dissects copy and sales funnels every day, ALL day, and has reviewed hundreds of pages of copy, there are common faux pas I see people make all the time with their funnel.

In just a sec, I’m going to dish on exactly what...

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