How does content marketing help for keyword ranking?

Quora (a fantastic source of blog topics) asked: How does content marketing help for keyword ranking?Here's my answer.

Content marketing and SEO really go hand in hand. You can “do” SEO for your website, but if your content isn’t engaging or useful, then no one will stick around, which search engines don’t like.

On the flipside, if your content isn’t optimized for keywords, search engines will never see it…and neither will anyone else.

Here’s a quickie on how content helps keyword - or, perhaps...

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6 Best Free SEO Tools 2018 (for Beginners)

When you’re just starting out, the number one question I see people asking (including myself) is:

“How can I optimize my website for free?”

In this post I’ll share 6 of the best FREE tools I’m currently using and highly recommend for everyone who’s new to SEO (as of the writing of this post).

When you’re just starting out with SEO and content marketing, it’s vital to start getting results without forking out a ton of dough for fancy tools.

‘Cause while those tools are amazing and save loads of...

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How to Search Keywords On Google

Knowing how to search keywords on Google (who gets 80% of the search traffic) is fundamental to your success as an online business owner.

Here’s why:

Over 1 BILLION websites are online today and over 3 billion people are active internet users. Which makes it super important you break through the noise.

image: global internet use and penetration

And the right keywords will help you slice through the mayhem like a hot knife through buttah.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to find the most searched keywords on Google using the free...

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How To Research Keywords Fast: My lazy 33-minute process

Want to know how to research keywords fast, instead of spending hours and crossing your fingers you come up with something usable?

How about uncovering hot, keyword-rich topics to create content around for your website?

Because, let's face it: Keyword research and planning content can suck.

Truth is, I used to hate planning and writing blog posts more than going to the doctor, dentist...even more than laser hair removal. And keyword research took forEVER.

But then I discovered how to find...

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Simple SEO For Websites With No Visitors, No Money, and No Clue

Imagine having loads of people who need and want your products or services coming to YOU.

That’s every online business owner’s wet dream, right?

Only problem is, according to Technorati, over 2.5 million blog posts are published every day.

To make matters worse, the top 5 links on Google page 1 get 67% of the clicks.

You want content that ranks highly in Google search results and attracts clicks and shares from potential clients and customers.

But how do you actually accomplish it with that kind...

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