Why 1:1 Work Is KILLING Your Business

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One of the biggest mistakes most coaches and service providers make is thinking offering high-ticket 1:1 programs or done-for-you services is the fastest path to profits.

And I totally get it. Everyone tells you that selling high-ticket coaching programs or custom, done-for-you services like web design, Facebook ads or copywriting is the easiest road to follow because you have to sell fewer packages to hit 4, 5- or even 6-figures in revenue every month than say, a lower-priced digital course....

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Facebook Ads For Launching 2019

In this episode of #UnstoppableBiz Show, I’m jamming with Amy Crane, founder of Social Lab Marketing.

Amy’s my go-to gal for all things Facebook Ads. Seriously...she’s probably forgotten more about advertising on Facebook than most of us have learned.

Oh...AND she’s been part of over 200 launches (say whaaaat?!).

So yeah. She kinda knows her shtuff.

Topics we chat about:
  • Common faux pas most of us make when first dabbling in ads
  • Metrics and numbers to pay attention to
  • Budgeting
...and more


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The Beebs, Spice Girls and Zeppelin Guide To Tribe-Building

What do Justin Bieber, The Spice Girls and Led Zeppelin have in common?

They know EXACTLY who they exist for and don't give a flying frog's fine ass hair about the people who don't like their music.

Today's lesson is brought to you by the music industry and musicians everywhere. Because they've got it going ON when it comes to knowing who they serve...

...And who they DON'T.

Each musician embraces their unique style.

I mean, where would music be today if these artists stuck with the stuffy "rules"...

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Shatter Your Stupid To-Do List (Do THIS Instead)

Let’s face it: The life of an entrepreneur includes wrangling a ton of tasks.

And, it’s a LOT like herding cats with ADHD...too many things moving in too many different directions.

If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs (myself included), your to-do list has anywhere from 10 - 30 items on it for any given week. Sometimes even more.

And often, the list grows as the week progresses.

If there’s one thing I’m guilty of, it’s being over-enthusiastic about my to-do’s, and severely under-estimating...

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How To Create A Killer About Me Page That Converts

UGH, About Me pages, riiiiight?

They’re the worst.

They’re boring... They’re dry… They’re long… They talk about stuff that isn’t relevant (hello, overshare)…


They’re one of the most-visited pages on your website (insert record-scratch here).

So if your About Me page is that important, why do so many online business owners get them so wrong?

In this post, I'll show you how to write a killer About Me page that makes you stand out, and makes people take action.

Why your About Me page matters


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The Ultimate Guide To Writing Blockbuster Blog Posts

I have a confession to make:

I've never actually enjoyed writing content.

Even with roots in copywriting, blogging has never been something I’ve *truly* loved.

I constantly wrestled with what to write about (I don't anymore, thanks to this method).

And I always found it to be a time-consuming, “business building” thing I had to do.

Only problem is, it actually WASN’T building my business. Or doing anything, for that matter, other than taking up all my precious time.

Psst! In a hurry? Click hereto...

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How to Write A Sales Page That Converts (Step-by-Step)

First, the bad news: Most people aren’t going to buy from you (cue the violins...).

In fact, 67% of buyers won’t convert...and it’s often as high as 98%.

The good news is, you can claim a larger piece of that pie for yourself.

If you’ve ever tried, I think you’ll agree that writing a sales page that converts is one of the biggest headaches for online marketers (right up there with writing an About page). Next to getting started, knowing exactly what needs to be on your sales page can be a source...

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200+ Copywriting Formulas: The Definitive Guide to Writing Copy That Sells...Faster

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Ever stared at a blank page and wondered how the hell to get started, fingers trembling (and maybe the slightest trickle of sweat down your back)?Ugh...the worst, right?!


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Write Better Copy Instantly: 5 Easy Changes That Get Results

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Many people don’t understand how to write copy, or how fundamental copywriting is to marketing your business and revenue generation.

To make matters worse, there’s a ton of misinformation and overall...

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How To Launch A Profitable Online Course: The Definitive Guide [Updated for 2019]

If you’ve ever launched an online course, product or service, you know how critical planning is for a successful launch.

And for saving your sanity.

But if you’re new to the whole online launch thang, lemme tell you, it can get rough.

And there’s WAY more involved than you might think.

Here’s a little taste of what needs to get done:
    • Pre-validating your idea to make sure it’s a winner
    • Fine-tuning your offer details
    • Figuring out what bonuses will perfectly complement your offer

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