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5 Rock-Solid Reasons No One’s Buying

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Recently overheard in one of those giant Facebook groups with thousands of members:

“Help! I’m great at building my list...but no one’s buying 

Maybe you can relate?

First up, you need to know that this is actually a pretty common affliction - you are NOT alone! 

And secondly, no...this is NOT another post about writing subject lines.

During the last 13+ years as a conversion copywriter and working with hundreds of online entrepreneurs, I’ve come to...

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7 Bankable Emails For Your Next Launch

Ahhh, launches.

After being an integral part in dozens of launches, writing the copy and mapping out the strategy, I’ve pretty much nailed down what emails every launch needs.

In this episode of the #UnstoppableBiz Show, I’m dishing on 7 of the most bankable emails every successful launch includes.

I’m breaking down:
  • Emails you need in the pre-launch phase, during launch week, plus the most overlooked phase of
If you’re wondering exactly what emails to include in your...

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5 Great Reasons Why Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Working (And How To Fix It)

If you’ve been head-desking your way through trying to get your sales funnel to actually, y’know, SELL, then stay with me.

Because if your sales funnel isn’t working, chances are good that you’re making at least one of the mistakes I’m breaking down here.


As someone who dissects copy and sales funnels every day, ALL day, and has reviewed hundreds of pages of copy, there are common faux pas I see people make all the time with their funnel.

In just a sec, I’m going to dish on exactly what...

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200+ Copywriting Formulas: The Definitive Guide to Writing Copy That Sells...Faster

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Ever stared at a blank page and wondered how the hell to get started, fingers trembling (and maybe the slightest trickle of sweat down your back)?Ugh...the worst, right?!


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Pro Secrets of Extraordinary Emails

Approx. time to read 6 minutes

Let me start with the bad news: if you’re like most online entrepreneurs, your emails probably suck.

That’s not a potshot at you (not really), it’s just that you likely don’t know what makes emails convert - that is, have people rush to open YOUR emails and take the action you want them to.

I want you to think of the emails you open without fail, every week or even daily. What’s so magnetizing about them that makes you want to devour their contents every...

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