Ep #004: Messenger Bots + Marketing with Chrystabelle

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What the heck IS a bot and why do you even need one in the first place?

In this episode of the Creating IMPACT show, I’m jamming with Chrystabelle of Chrys Media, who just so happens to know a TON about automating your marketing with Facebook Messenger Bots to add an extra layer of love to your leads, customers and fans. 

Grab a pen and notebook, 'cuz Chrys is dropping major knowledge-bombs, like how and when to use chat bots to grow your list, provide amazing customer service, and get down with real-time customer engagement (something most businesses are still not doing!)...

...Plus a TON more.



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Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Over to you: 

Only you can decide whether a chat bot is right for your business, right now. Remember not to over-commit to too many things if you're a solopreneur or have a tiny team. Hire help to get your chat bot strategy rolling...or simply set it aside for a short period of time until you're ready.

Have you tried a chat bot already? Share what your experience was like in the comments!


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