Ep #001: Are You REALLY "Too Old"?!

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One of the biggest false truths we tell ourselves as women is “I’m too old”. 

And I get it. I mean, How many times have you heard that? 

From your mom. Your grandmother. Your aunt. A neighbour. Some random chick at the gym. Even society as a whole.

I’m too old to lose weight.

I’m too old to worry about eating healthy

I’m too old to lift weights or exercise

I’m too old to dress like that

I’m too old to start a business

I’m too old to learn how to do that.

We're surrounded with the common belief that once we hit some imaginary age that we're suddenly "too old"...making it easy to fall into that trap.

But how old do you have to be before you’re “too old”?





In this video I'm unpacking all the ways this crazy belief is holding you back from greatness - in business and in life.



Over to you: what's one thing you're committing to doing today that others will think you're "too old" to do?

Tell me in the comments!

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