This Misguided Advice Is Costing You Money 😱

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The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make when pricing their digital course is thinking they should “charge what they’re worth” or what they think the course is worth.

And I get it - every business coach you’ve ever come across tells you to “charge what you’re worth”. It’s everywhere. So it’s easy to fall into that trap.

But let me ask you: How do you KNOW what you’re actually worth? How do you KNOW what the course you’re selling is worth to your dream client?

In this video I'm unpacking...

➡️ 5 damn good reasons why this misguided advice is costing you money

➡️ How what YOU think your course is worth means exactly Jack

➡️ 3 ways to end the pricing guessing game for good

➡️ The ONE crucial step that most course creators skip over that forms the basis for course success (or lack thereof)

...and more.



Over to you: 

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