Service Providers: How To Present Your Work Like A Pro

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I received an email from a client of mine, who is a Facebook™ Ads Manager.

Seems she and a colleague of hers have a couple of clients who’s ads are ballin’...but their offers aren’t.

Problem is...she's not exactly sure how to tell her client that her offer basically sucks.

Look...we all know that the direct approach is always best when it comes to effective communication (ie. having our message heard AND understood). 

In copywriting, it’s one of the ultimate Golden Rules: always clear, not clever.

But too often, when it comes to direct communication with people like clients, presenting our suggestions and recommendations in a way that a) establishes us as the expert they paid for, and b) doesn’t make us sound like an a-hole can be...tricky.

Enter the great communication dance, where results all too often go to die.

Here’s the thing…

THAT person hired YOU as the expert for a reason: you know things they don’t.

Which means THAT person deserves an answer. After all, they want results.

And it’s up to YOU - their paid expert - to give it to them straight-up.

So...what’s a girl to do?

Present your findings like a f*#king pro, that’s what.

Once I started conducting client project wrap-up sessions using this strategy - whether it was a quick n’ dirty sales page audit or a custom launch strategy + copy from scratch - clients not only got better results, but they felt better about their investment too.

Which, of course, leads to awesome testimonials, referrals and word-of-mouth clients knocking on your door.

If you’re a copywriter, Facebook Ads manager, web designer or another expert who regularly has to present recommendations to clients but haven’t quite figured out how to do it in a way that propels them forward and doesn’t make you sound like a dick, then watch this video as I walk you through the simple, yet highly effective, process I personally use.

👉 Grab a copy of the Client Project Presentation Template here!

Over to you:

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