“Follow Your Passion” is TERRIBLE Advice [Do THIS Instead!]

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The biggest problem most struggling entrepreneurs make when it comes to creating and launching digital courses is thinking that they can make money from their passion or things they love doing.

And I get it, . Everyone tells you to “just follow your passion and the money will come”. So It’s easy to fall into that trap.

But let me ask you:

Does everyone who follows their passion, creates and launches a course around make a huge profit? 

Nope...and following that advice is the fast track to Brokeville. 

The fact is...

Most people who create and launch a course never make a dime from it. And truthfully, I’ve heard more launch horror stories about people investing huge bucks only to wind up in the hole when the launch dust settled.

So how DO you create a PROFITABLE digital course around you love? 

Watch this video to find out;)


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