My "Hack Your Online Business" Podcast Interview

ChrisTan_Lisa May Huby.jpg

I had the pleasure of jamming with Chrys Tan, host of the Hack Your Online Business podcast awhile ago, all about how your copy can make (or break) your digital course launch.

'Cuz if you've ever tried launching a digital course but only got crickets, then your copy is one of the logical places to put under the microscope.

So...where do you start? 

We cover all of that and WAY more in the podcast! Listen now over at

We'll be covering...

  • How I got started with conversion copywriting
  • How I decided to change things up and focus on serving digital course creators
  • Some common mistakes that people make with their launches
  • How copywriting can help you launch better and sell more
  • My top launch funnel and copywriting tips
  • What you need to do during your course's pre-launch phase



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