Ep #19: 6 Budget-Friendly Tools to Launch Your Digital Course

There's something that's been bugging me for awhile now...

And that's seeing too many smart, talented entrepreneurs and online biz owners work sooooo hard creating a digital course - one they KNOW will change things for the better - only to lose steam because of stupid stuff like money or tech.

Maybe you can relate?

See, contrary to what most experts say, you DON’T need fancy tools like Kajabi or Teachable or fancy website plugins to launch your first digital course…

...and that kind of thinking is costing you boatloads of time and money.

I’ve seen way too many course creators get sucked into this thinking, and wind up investing WAY more money and time than needed, or get bogged down with the tech trying to figure things out.

Which leads to lost momentum, motivation, and the - eventually, out of frustration - planting that course launch firmly on the back burner because it was too complicated or too costly.

Here’s the thing:

All those experts teaching “courses about creating courses” you’ve been listening to are getting paid hefty affiliate commissions for promoting their platform of choice.

So yeah...naturally they’re going to want you to sign up too.



I’ve got nothing against earning affiliate revenue (I’m an affiliate of several myself, including some of the ones I mention here as well).

It’s just smart business.

But what I can’t stand is watching people struggle needlessly by thinking using ‘X’ is the only way to get their course launched because no other options were presented.

That’s why I’m popping in here with 6 of my fave tools for launching your first, second or even third course quickly, easily, and on the cheap…

...even if you’re a bootstrapping noob with a tiny, threadbare budget and zero tech skills.

Because most of the tools I’m sharing you’re probably already using every day in your online business.


Grab a pen and paper, and watch the video below to get the skinny, and get your course launch back on track!


Resources mentioned in this episode: *Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you sign up.

Over to you…

What tools are you using RIGHT NOW that you can use to get your digital course launched easily and quickly?

Let me know in the comments!

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