Ep #13: Boost Results With Your ICA’s “Secret Identity”

So by now, you’ve probably got an ICA, or Ideal Client Avatar (if not, do that now).

And, you know that there are a few things you MUST do in order to write copy that will connect with that person:
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But what if you’ve already done all that and you’re STILL not getting seen and heard by your dream client?

You need to uncover your ICA’s Secret Identity.

In this episode of the #UnstoppableBiz Show, I’m breaking down:

✔️ Two value-packed places to unearth your ICA’s secret identity - no decoder ring needed

✔️ Where to leverage your dream client’s Secret Identity

✔️ What to tap into if you want your dream client to take action

...and more.

If you’ve ever craved better results from your ads, sales page or launch emails and wondered what the secret sauce is to connecting with your reader and amplifying your message, then watch this video now.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Quickie Sales Page Audit

Facebook Audience Insights

3 Simple Questions That Build Profitable Sales Pages

Over to you…

Tell me in the comments what trips you up MOST about tapping into your dream client's "Secret Identity"?

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