Ep #12: 5 Reasons Most Launches Fail ( What To Do About It)

If you’ve had a launch that was less than stellar, or you’re sick and tired of pouring a ton of time, money and tears (not to mention a bottle or two of Grey Goose) into launching digital products to the sound of crickets, then pay special attention to the tips covered here…’cuz chances are, if your launch sucked, one of these 5 things came into play.

Okay, so first things first: If you had a shitty launch, you’re NOT alone. Most of us make mistakes along the launch road that cause it to fall flat. (The good news is, once you know, it’s easy to turn things around!)

Launching a new digital course takes a LOT of work, writing copy and strategic planning.

But too often I see smart entrepreneurs launch their online course into the world, only to get crappy results (I’ve been there too!).

After working on dozens of launches and reviewing hundreds of digital course sales pages, I’ve seen first-hand some of the most common pitfalls that eager course creators step knee-deep into.

This episode of the #UnstoppableBiz Show will dive into 5 reasons why most launches fail, and how you can fix it to rock your launch next time.

Watch the video now to learn:

✔️ The biggest thing you can do to set your digital course up for success BEFORE you create it

✔️ The three things most course creators brush off and don’t take seriously, which only leads down heartbreak road

✔️ 2 quick wins to turn a failed launch around quickly

...and more.

If you’ve had a course launch that didn’t go so well or are thinking about launching, then watch this episode now.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Quickie Sales Page Audit

Profitable Launch Checklist

Which of these are you committing to doing (or not doing) for your next launch? Share in the comments below!


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