Ep #9: When Less Copy = More Results

So you're funnel hacking your digital course's sales page, inspired by the one your latest online #girlcrush has published...

And you get to the part where the meat of the course is being presented...

...and it's long.

Like...LONG, long (long).

And you find yourself scrolling...scrolling...scrolling...and wondering when the hell they’ll get to the point and present the BUY button for Pete’s sake.

The sales page is beautiful. It’s perfect, and you want to model it soooo bad you can practically taste the sales rolling in.

But the length? Hmm...does it really need to be that wordy? Did the writer really need to include every tidbit about the course inclusions and morsel about worksheets?

And since you’re not a sales page copywriter, you’re faced with a dilemma - one that can make or break the success of your course:

Do you follow this stellar example or wing it on your own? Do you make the copy short and sweet, or go a little long-winded and risk reader boredom?

Do you edit the copy you've already spent countless hours slaving over in a panic?

What do you do?

In this episode of the #UnstoppableBiz Show, I'm going to show you what I do. And it’s probably not what you think. *winky face*

Because everything you’ve been told up until now about writing this part of your sales page is WRONG.

This is the ultimate tutorial for you if you're:
  • You’re terrified by all the work required to write a sales page (who's got the time?!)
  • You’ve been putting off writing your digital course sales page because hello OVERWHELM
  • You already have a sales page (or tripwire) in place, but want to improve the results
  • You’re completely confused with all the gobbledygook online about how to write sales pages that convert and want to learn from an actual conversion copywriter
I'll be sharing my favorite way of presenting course details on a sales page that focuses on much more than just the laundry list of "stuff", won't give your reader's finger a cramp, or leave them bored outta their minds so they bounce somewhere else.

And you'll finally figure out when too much is, well...too much. Because sometimes, less really is more.

Click below to watch now.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Quickie Sales Page Audit

Sales Page Planner

Over to you…

What throws you the biggest curve ball when it comes to presenting your course details? Tell me in the comments!

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