Episode #8: 2 Secret Ingredients of Copy That Stands Out

You’ve probably been told to use your reader’s “pain points” or paint the picture of their “better life”.

What this means of course, is that you probably went back to where your reader hangs out and copied a bunch of their language, and then proceeded to talk all about how things will be beeeautiful when they’re done working with you or using your product.

Problem is, if that’s your approach, you’re only getting it half right.

Something I hear all the time from people wrestling with a sales page that’s not getting results (or any other piece of copy they need to perform) is that they don’t WANT to talk about their reader’s pain.

For some reason, it feels icky to them, like they’re rubbing the reader’s nose in the fact that this giant problem still hasn’t been resolved...which leaves me all like...


Here’s the thing…

You can’t have pleasure without some degree of pain in life - same goes for your copy.

And once you realize how powerful this polarity is for your copywriting, you’ll never try to shortcut it again.

People are naturally predisposed to go to greater lengths to avoid pain rather than seek out pleasure. It’s something that’s deeply rooted in our crazy, illogical behavior as humans.

Which means, if you’re not tugging at that pain - that thing that’s keeping your reader up at night - then your copy won’t make the connection it needs to in order to get the results you want.
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Your message needs to demonstrate that you understand what your reader is going through. That you relate to them, and empathize with their challenges.

Infusing empathy into every message - whether it’s on a sales page or in a social media post - will ensure you’re heard loud and clear, and stand out from everyone else.

That’s the difference between building a tribe of raving fans, clients and a successful business...or a business or brand that just fizzles out.

In this episode, I’ll be breaking down:

✔️ Why you need to use BOTH pain and pleasure in your copy (and why it’s critical for conversions)

✔️ 3 largely overlooked sources for amazingly helpful data about your reader’s struggles

✔️ An easy way to amplify your reader’s dilemma so they can’t wait to discover your solution

...and more (natch;)

If you’ve ever battled with writing copy that truly connects with your audience - and the success of your funnel or launch is riding on it - then this is an episode you can’t afford to miss.

Resources mentioned in this episode:  

Over to you…

How can you start using pleasure and pain in your copy to create a deeper connection with your reader? Tell me in the comments!

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