The Beebs, Spice Girls and Zeppelin Guide To Tribe-Building

What do Justin Bieber, The Spice Girls and Led Zeppelin have in common?

They know EXACTLY who they exist for and don't give a flying frog's fine ass hair about the people who don't like their music.

Today's lesson is brought to you by the music industry and musicians everywhere. Because they've got it going ON when it comes to knowing who they serve...

...And who they DON'T.

Each musician embraces their unique style.

I mean, where would music be today if these artists stuck with the stuffy "rules" of a stodgy old model hell-bent on stifling "the devils' work" and never embraced their "Me-ness" wholeheartedly:

- 2Cellos (hello, classical meets rock n' roll)

- Lindsey Stirling (a dancing violinist? I'm in!)

- Ozzy Osborne (no embellishment needed...)

- Michael Jackson (The King of Pop)

- Miley Cyrus

- Madonna

- J-Lo

- The Doors

- The WHO

Can you dig where I'm going with this?

STOP trying to make everyone like you (they won't anyway).

STOP trying to serve everyone (you can't).

But most of all, STOP censoring yourself and stifling the REAL YOU.

Stand up for something. Defend your beliefs. Say what you mean. Have an eff-in OPINION.

'Cause all that pussy-footing around? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.sunglassesfacepunch

Stay weird my friend. xo


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