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What if you could...

Sell more of your digital products, programs and services without the agonizing frustration, day-drinking and non-stop posting on social media?

(doesn't that sound like a huge breath of relief?)

Hey...I'm Lisa-May. (*waves*)

I help women online coaches, consultants and service providers stop trading time for dollas with offers and sales systems that convert.

I'll be the one guiding you to dreamy "make money while you sleep" success without the underwhelming results most people settle for when it comes to sales funnels and digital course launches.

If you're the type of entrepreneur who is ready to...

...launch a course that actually brings in the Benjamins (instead of costing you a ton of time and money)...

....ditch the overwhelm, guessing and crossing your fingers to make sure you didn't miss anything (or that you've "done it right")...

...create an evergreen process that attracts dream clients on virtual autopilot...

Then you're in the right place.


Creating a profitable business (without crippling overwhelm) that generates massive impact AND revenue over and over with a repeatable system that finally lets you have the business and life you're hard-cravin'.



What My Clients Say...

  • Lisa-May Huby

    “Holy crap! We made changes to Maggie's opt-in page based on your recommendations and her opt-in rate is up to 81% and the cost per lead is down by almost 50%. YOU ROCK!!!!”

    Founder + CEO, Social Lab Marketing

  • Lisa-May Huby

    “I was constantly wrestling with a client's funnel and couldn't put my finger on why it wasn't converting.
    Lisa-May helped me see what elements were failing, why, and - more importantly - exactly what needed to change so I could fix them.”

    CEO, Victory Points Social

  • Lisa-May Huby

    “From my client’s pain and struggles to my quirky personality, the copy was just what I wanted…but couldn’t write myself.

    I was BLOWN AWAY with the first draft!”

    CEO, Sum of All Numbers

If you've been struggling to nail that 6-figure launch but just can't figure out what's broken...if your Stripe balance consists of pocket lint and you're *this close* to packing it in and returning to a j-o-b...or if the thought of troubleshooting your sales funnel makes you wanna day-drink...

I can help.