Tired of Feeling Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Seriously UNDERPAID?

Oooof…I hear you.

And if you’re a heart-centered, service-oriented coach, it’s easy to get trapped in all the shiny tactics everyone seems to be telling you you NEED in order to build a successful online coaching business.

Maybe you’ve heard you need to…

  • Create a lead magnet or freebie

  • Build a digital course to sell

  • Create a sales funnel

  • Run paid ads

  • Blog, launch a podcast, do video

  • Write loads of content and post constantly in groups

…or any of what seems to be a gazillion things you’ve been told you’ve gotta do in order to build a successful online coaching business.

I know, because that was me not long ago.

Days spent behind my computer cranking out freebies, emails, and content (that almost no one ever saw…)

Crossing my fingers on ads that only took my money…

Creating freebie after freebie that only ever attracted tire kickers and “bad-fit” clients…

Selling low-ticket digital courses and products that didn’t even cover the monthly cost of my website.

Finally, I decided things had to change.

I simply couldn’t continue investing so much of my life into a businesss that wasn’t going anywhere.

So I decided to figure it out.

And what I discovered was…

The “Old Way” Of Doing Business Online Is Dead.

But of course, the experts, gurus and influencers don’t actually want you to know that…

Which really sucks. Because it means they continue to thrive, while everyone else continues to flail and flounder…throwing everything at the wall to see what’ll stick.

The truth is…

  • You DON’T need a freebie

  • You DON’T need to create digital products

  • You DON’T need to have a fancy website or pricey membership platform

  • You DON’T need a low-ticket offer

In fact, if you have ANY of those before your business is actually READY for it…

…Then you’ll continue to stay a slave to the massive to-do list, chronic overwork and making peanuts in your business.

If you’re ready to ditch the distractions that have been sabotaging your efforts and create the income, impact and lifestyle you really want, and build a high-profit, high-leverage coaching business…

Then you’re in the right place. 🙏

Here’s How You Can Start Right Freakin’ Now 👇

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My Mission:

To Help 1,000 Women Coaches Build Their Million-Dollar Empire.

Will One Of Them Be YOU?

Oh hey…I’m Lisa-May.

I’ve been helping coaches and course creators achieve success online for over 14 years (that’s like, 100 “normal people” years, right?) through conversion copywriting, funnels and smart business strategy.

With all the gurus and experts out there shouting that their way is the best, I totally understand that choosing the right business model for your coaching business can be overwhelming.

Here’s the problem with most of the advice out there right now:

If you follow the traditional model of building an online business, chances are you’ll wind up…

  • Resenting everything (your clients, your business, yourself) because you’re overworked and seriously underpaid…

  • Struggling to stand out no matter how much ‘content’ and ‘value’ you create daily…

  • Or on the fast track to Brokeville with a stopover in Burnout City

And soon you’ll discover, with all the ‘stuff’ everyone says you should be doing…

…You’ve just created another j-o-b for yourself.

(FYI, you’re probably the worst boss you’ve ever had)

If you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm, being tied to your business 20 hours a day doing all the things, barely scraping by…

…And ready to commit to creating the income, impact and lifestyle you really want…

…then I can help.

Wanna see what makes me different? Catch up with me on Facebook or join my free community just for women coaches, where I’ll help you hop off the struggle bus and create unstoppable success.

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It’s time to do business differently. I can help.

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